Computer MPEG2-FTA receiver,  And ours comes with a CD for setting the thing up!  Requires some computer knowledge to set up

This receiver requires a dish "antenna" and lnbf

Great addition for someone who has a good MPEG2fta receiver and wants a new toy to play with.

This is for Free to Air,  will not work with Dish or Direct

Introductory price  $109 with installation cd

   Input terminal: F-type 75 Ohm
   Receiving frequency: 950~2150 MHz tuning range.
   Input level: -65~25dBm
   Support MCPC and SCPC

  Symbol rate: 2~45Msps
  QPSK filter: Root-raised cosine filter
  with roll-off  0.35
  Punctured codes: 1/2,2/3,3/4,5/6,7/8 and Auto

 LNB Control & Switch control
  LNB supply voltage: 13/18V with Short Circuit Protection
  Support Data Burst & Tone Burst
  Antenna and LNB control: 22KHz Tone
  Max. LNB supply current: 400mA
 PCI interface
  PCI bus: PCI 2.2 compliant
  Host bus burst rate: 132MB/S
  Host bus width: 32bit

  Max no. section filtering:32PIDs
  Engine: software
  Descrambler: DVB descrambler
  Stream capture: PES & TS

 A/V Format
  Video format: MPEG-II Main Profile & Main Level
  Audio format: MPEG-II Audio layer I & II
Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP or Linux
  series (optional)
  500MHz CPU or above
  128M RAM or above
  VGA Card with at least 8MB memory
  Sound Card
  Microsoft Direct X 8.0 or above
  Digital Satellite Dish & LNB